See Us Now – 2022

Participating in the exhibition as one of the artists and the designer, I designed this digital poster for the show, See Us Now. The poster is a motion graphic piece inspired by the analog image enlarging process.

Curatorial Statement from Ashley Ross & Elaine Moreno:
It’s been two years since the 2020 class and a year and half since the 2021 class officially became CCA Photo Alumni and were ushered into the world as professional artists. The harsh realities of the last two years have motivated us to seek out creative solutions to help build a platform for the graduates who missed out on lost opportunities normally available to a graduating class. The alumni who graduated through the pandemic prevailed through various odds, learning how to navigate an art practice and entering into an uncertain world. As time moved on and life continued, the desire to show work remained and we waited for an opportunity. That opportunity is now.

See Us Now is an exhibition that consists of thirteen CCA Photography Alumni of the 2020 and 2021 classes, consisting of various bodies of work and explorations. Some works are continuations of thesis projects and some are new visual investigations. Conceptual themes include portraiture, self exploration, familial relationships, collage, and cultural interconnection.  See Us Now, is an example of our determination, community, and creativity. A remembrance of the hard work and time dedicated  at California College of the Arts.